There is an Unmet Need for Treating Fungal SKIN Infections


Issues with Current Treatments

  • Not very effective (low patient response rate around 30%)
  • Undesirable side effects (oral antifungals)
  • Frequent recurrences and repetitive treatments
  • No prevention against reinfection


  • Strong IP position
  • Proof of concept in naturally acquired infections in animals
  • Potential to prevent recurrences
  • Potential for simpler treatment regimen and less frequent applications
  • Anticipated shorter development time than small molecule pharmaceuticals
  • Much lower drug development costs; lower pre-clinical costs

DERmbiont's Probiotic Skin Therapeutics Platform

  • Our lead product targets fungal infections, but our platform will span across a myriad of skin diseases
  • Broad applicability of DermBiont’s technology after proof of concept
  • Possibility that a unique bacterial strain could treat and prevent a variety of fungal and bacterial skin infections
  • Very short cycle times to sample, test, and qualify strains of bacteria